Jenna Kim 

Currently a senior studying Communication design and a minor in HCI at Carnegie Mellon University. As an active observer of my surroundings, I try to solve design problems that arise from my daily observations of users.︎

Previously @ Nue24 Summer 19’
The New York Times Summer & Fall 20’ – present

I’m looking for 2021 full time opportunities or summer 2021 product design intern roles.


Did you know that NYT games has more games other than just “The Crossword”? Previously, the NYT crossword app didn’t mention about our expansion games like Vertex, Tiles, Letter Boxed, and Sudoku. Through giving clear direction on where to find these new games on the crossword app, I wanted to understand the impact of having access to expansion games.
︎︎︎User Testing

NYT Maker Week is an annual event where employees from different disciplines are given an opportunity to collaborate on self directed projects. For my maker week project, I had an opportunity to experiment with iOS 14 widgets for Spelling Bee, the NY Times game for finding pangram.

*This project is not launched. It’s a self directed project with engineers
︎︎︎ Research
︎︎︎ UI/UX

Each year, AIGA makes raw survey data for designers and researchers to review the chart or visualize. Based on the raw data, we wanted to focus on satisfaction levels and salary levels of the designers from year 1-4. We wanted to inform, encourage, and empathize with young designers by creating a data-driven design tool kit.
︎︎︎Data Visualization
︎︎︎ Brand Identity

4. UpVote

︎Coming Soon
Upvote is a trusted source for unbiased information about voting, national elections, and local elections! Sometimes researching voting and election information can be daunting and confusing. My friends and I created this website to consolidate the basic information you need to make informed decisions and continue in depth research.
︎︎︎ Reserch
︎︎︎Visual Identity